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School updates: February 20, 2024

Good Evening Huguenot Families,
This afternoon we distributed Yondr cell phone pouches to all students who were present. Almost all of our students did exactly as asked and we appreciate them for following directions and being willing to try something new. Your students need to bring their assigned pouches to school tomorrow and everyday forward here after. As we have communicated in multiple REMIND messages, our community townhall night, and the information that was mailed home to all of our homes, students will need to do the following:
1. Students will need to bring the pouch each day. Cell phones, smart watches, and headphones will be locked in their assigned pouches prior to entering the security check point. *If students locked their pouches after getting their phones out today, we will be at entrances on door 1 and 2 in the morning to unlock pouches so that students can put their phones in prior to security checkpoints.
2. Students may not bring iPads, tables, or personal computers. Only Chromebooks.
3. Students who were absent today and have not been assigned a pouch will need to proceed to the auditorium immediately in the morning to receive their pouches.
Students who do not comply with locking their devices in pouches in the morning will have their phones confiscated until the end of the day; however, we are hoping that we will see the widespread adoption we saw today.
Have a great evening,
Dr. Michael Massa,
Interim Principal, Huguenot High School